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Natural and Integrative

Combining cutting edge integrative therapies with traditional and natural forms of healing that have stood the test of time.

Time with the Doctor

Appointments ranging from 15min up to 60min available, depending on how much time you need with the doctor. Multiple health concerns can be covered. You will never be rushed or turned away.

Root cause approach

A unique healthcare experience focused on identifying and treating the underlying cause of your symptoms.

personalized care

Experience care that is individualized to your unique healthcare needs and goals. We recognize your individuality and practice patient centred care.

Evidence based

Natural and integrative treatment options that are evidence-based, backed by science, and proven to be safe and effective.

excellence in naturopathic care

Highly trained and experienced Naturopathic doctor helps you navigate the world of natural and integrative healthcare with confidence.

Slave Lake

Naturopathic Medicine

Experience greater health. Naturally.